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Human treasure Lorde appeared on the “Tonight Show” Thursday and finally revealed the truth: That she was, in fact, behind a much-buzzed-about Instagram account devoted to reviewing onion rings from various restaurants around the world. The Kiwi pop star’s second album ‘Melodrama‘ is out today (June 16). Lorde even explained why she took the site down upon discovery: “Now that everyone knows about it, people are going to be throwing onion rings at … Lorde confirms she ran secret Instagram account about onion rings By Christopher Rosen June 16, 2017 at 08:27 AM EDT Lorde Confesses to Running Onion Rings Instagram Account on “Fallon”: Watch She also performed “Perfect Places” from Melodrama By Michelle Ki m and Jazz Monro e Still, even though the Instagram account is no more, Lorde said, she is still going to keep up with her onion ring habit. The account has since been deleted after its discovery, which is a shame. Lorde revealed on The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon that she is fact was the person behind the secret Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings. Lorde has admitted to running a secret Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings.. Lorde revealed herself as the creator of the now-deleted Instagram account, @onionringsworldwide, during her appearance on Thursday’s Tonight Show . Lorde said she wasn’t craving more attention when she started a secret onion ring Instagram earlier this year – just some greasy snacks.. Something that must’ve stuck with her was the diversity of the onion rings during her travels, which inspired an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings. Fashion Despite Everything, 2020 Still Served Some Looks Music Splash image via Instagram. People began wondering about the account when the discovered that it’s 24 followers were made up of Lorde and all […] No, really. Sign Up. Lorde's secret onion ring-rating account became a meme earlier this week when it was discovered by an anonymous 17-year-old who tipped off a New Zealand news site called Newshub. Lorde fans think they may have stumbled on some internet gold - a "secret" Instagram account they believe was set up by the New Zealand artist. @onionringsworldwide had only 24 followers — one of them being Lorde's official Instagram account.. Then the account disappeared, frustrating fans who wanted to know Lorde's thoughts on Burger King vs. Sonic. “I think they’re underrated. If you're new, Subscribe! Just call her Lorde of the onion rings.. After fans speculated for weeks whether Lorde was behind the Instagram handle @onionringsworldwide, she confessed that she is, … All the evidence pointed directly to her. Lorde Admits to Running "Onion Rings Worldwide" Instagram Account She also performed "Perfect Places" during her visit to 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' http://bit.ly/1Jy0DbO Is Lorde obsessed with onion rings enough to start an instagram account all about the fried food?!? Lorde demonstrates the shape of a proper onion ring on The Tonight Show.. Screenshot from The Tonight Show. There has been no official confirmation about it but there are some pieces of evidence that the account belongs to the 21-year old New Zealand singer-songwriter and record producer, Lorde.. The account was called @onionringsworldwide, and it’s bio read, “Every onion ring I encounter, rated.” I CAN’T. We know Lorde for her luminous melodies and even her tight friendship with Taylor Swift, but nothing could have prepared anyone for Lorde's allegedly brutally honest onion ring critiques. Reason #21789034 why we should all love Lorde: She had a secret Instagram account dedicated to ONION RINGS!!!! On June 13, Newshub reported that Lorde was secretly running an onion ring Instagram at @onionringsworldwide. Updated on June 16 at 8:35 a.m.: In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, Lorde confirmed that she was the keeper of the secret onion ring Instagram account, which is now defunct. Lorde Might Have Been Running An Onion Ring Review Instagram Account She's never seen a diamond in the flesh, she cut her teeth on onion rings in the movies. Lorde Admits She Runs an Instagram Account All About Onion Rings By Lara Walsh Updated Jun 16, 2017 @ 8:15 am Rumors are going around that an onion ring review Instagram account belongs to Lorde.People have best described the account as clandestine. Lorde had something wholly different in mind, when it looked as though a secret Instagram account called @onionringsworldwide was allegedly linked to the star. Yep, Lorde Really Did Have A Secret Instagram For Reviewing Onion Rings Cue those ‘Lorde of the Rings’ jokes Madeline Roth madfitzroth 06/16/2017 She is the lord of the onion rings! Dedicated sleuthing has revealed that international superstar pop singer Lorde, set to release her next album on Friday, momentarily had another important side gig: reviewing onion rings on Instagram. You May Also Like. There was little doubt in our minds that Lorde was the mastermind behind the onion ring rating Instagram account @onionringsworldwide. Lorde has traveled the world on tour, and as you can imagine, she has tried foods from all over the world. "Okay. Being an international pop star is a very busy job, but Lorde found time in her busy schedule to moonlight as an anonymous food critic, and she just admitted to Jimmy Fallon that she really did have a secret Instagram account dedicated to rating and reviewing onion rings. Update 6/16/17: On The Tonight Show last night, Lorde confirmed that she was, indeed, the one behind the Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings. The Instagram was used, as the handle suggests, to review different onion rings ordered around the world. “Every onion ring I encounter, rated,” read the account’s bio. After receiving a tip from a Lorde fan, New Zealand outlet Newshub launched an investigation into Instagram account @onionringsworldwide—an onion ring review page that 1) Lorde … We can only hope that once the heat dies down, Lorde will quietly return to Instagram to warn the world of Burger King's bitter, mulchy onion rings. The way onto Lorde’s team: always go for the side of onion rings! Clue number four was the immaculate, short fingernails that could only belong to Lorde holding the onion rings in the posts. But more importantly, she confirmed a report that she’s behind the now-deleted Instagram account OnionRingsWorldwide, which was devoted to rating onion rings.

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